Beware the Munya Nunya

(to be spoken aloud with dramatic emphasis and rhythm.
The letters u in munya nunya are short and are closest to the sound of u in the word luna.
The letters y in munya nunya should be pronounced as in ya ya. )

Beware the Munya Nunya,
Rising up in many a place.
Beware the Munya Nunya,
Putting on many a face.

Beware the Munya Nunya,
Be sure its understood,
That the Munya Nunya often,
Is used to stop the Good.

It can settle down from above,
A black grey veil of gloom,
And youll feel its queer vibration,
As it permeates the room.

Then good ideas and noble thoughts,
Can soon all run awry,
And that which started full of life,
Will be sucked out and die.

Then in their place come documents,
And the creation of paper trails,
Spelling out your daily life,
Suffocation by details.

Now to fight the Munya Nunya,
Its useless to even try,
Unless you set to work on,
Your Self to purify.

But if in this endeavor,
You manage to succeed,
You can use the Munya Nunya,
To help folks in their need.

Whats the force in the Munya Nunya?
Its difficult to say,
But what we can be sure of is,
It will not go away.

Ronald P. Milito
© February 5, 2008